teglværkshavnen housing, tegnestuen vandkunsten 2008 |  Architects: fritz schupp, martin kremmer.

My work pushes the boundary between sculpture and collage. When creating, I pull from a large bank of found materials from various sources. I work from an ever- growing collection of paper, pattern and other archival materials. Pockets of information, narrated by marks, color and directional shapes help communicate and reinforce interaction within my works. Clusters of settlement record the construction of each collage. I use layers of paper to help highlight the experience of each accumulation. The blending of process and aesthetic contentment are intended to create a sense of spontaneity in the final product. I began my journey into the world of art by way of printmaking. Art quickly became a means of communication for me and a way of interpreting the world through ever changing possibilities. This encouraged me to push forward and continue to explore color, form, and the looming intrigue of collage. Once creating work I found that process and making became primary goals.